Welcome to josephARTHUR

Welcome to the further portfolio of josephARTHUR

Design & Development

A small portion of graphic design and technology development.

  • Newsletter Design
  • Logos & Signage
  • Road & Traffic Graphics
  • Language Calendars
  • Interactive Coloring Books
  • Language Learning Tools

Technology Used

I use collaborative tools in the use of cultural language learning through technology.

  • Adobe Illustrator (Logos & Layouts)
  • Adobe InDesign (Interactive PDF & Newsletter Design)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Editing Archive Photos)
  • Apple Motion (Trailers & Credit Rolls)
  • Adobe AfterEffects (Trailers & Credit Rolls)
  • Apple XCode (Mobile Apps - Apple Developer)

About Me

Good of you to visit. I am both a Graphic Design Developer &  Cultural Language Technologist. Working with well over 180 languages and dialects. I also enjoy my craft / maker time with Cricuts, Ardruino Boards, and programming technology for making language tools.



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Questions & Estimates

Please reach out at your convenience so we  can discuss your project.  

Hours [really I do not sleep]

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: UP